The importance of temperature controlled storage for your fur garments cannot be underestimated. The oils found naturally in fur keep the fibres soft and pliable. Warmer temperatures speed up the evaporation of these necessary oils and once depleted, the garment is prone to tearing. If the temperature is too cold it can cause the fibres to become brittle which increases the risk of cracking and breakage.

Our fully secure temperature controlled premises maintain a constantly cool climate which preserves the natural oils found in fur, slowing down the deterioration process. The humidity is also monitored in our on-site facility to prevent the growth of mould, and the dark environment prevents any natural daylight from causing discoloration to the garments. You can rest assured that your precious fur is in the very best hands, leaving you with extra space in your wardrobe at home.

Whether you have two or twenty pieces, professionally storing your fur garments either at the end of each season or when you are not wearing them, will fully maintain their condition. We will give your fur garments the special care they deserve, so that you can enjoy wearing them at their very best, time and time again.


Cold Storage Conditions:

  • You fur will be stored at a constant temperature for optimum longevity.
  • Humidity is controlled.
  • Our storage is completely vermin and insect proof.
  • We are fully secure and alarmed for theft protection.
  • The dark room eliminates any UV light exposure.
  • We allow ample space to comfortably store each fur garment.
  • With our three day notice period your fur garment is easily accessible, so that if the temperature drops or you have a last minute event your fur garments are at your complete disposal.

 Price is £120 (inc VAT) per garment per season. Garment can be stored and taken out of storage as many times as you need within the same season at no additional cost.

To enquire about this services please contact us or book an appointment at our London atelier below:

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